Monday, April 7, 2008

Ali G Takes on Feminism

I've been writing some lengthy and topical posts lately... today is dedicated to some good ol' fashion humor :)

(well humor + a very real example of why feminism is still very necessary...)
Below are just two of the comments on the first page of the video:

wouwouhahaha (1 day ago)
women are made for sex, so just give me some pussy and shut the fuck up.

WKShwerz (4 days ago)
men should have the right to ask any woman to give them some pussy and if the woman refuses, she should go to prison....male prison



Renee said...

I refuse to read youtube comments for bullshit like that.

"Do you think all girls should try feminism at least once?" Hahaha. Love it.

Kandee said...

People let loose on the YouTube comments in the worst ways. Crazy!

Smirking Cat said...

Oh brother. Funny how dimwit guys like that will bravely type away idiotic comments like that, then suddenly shrivel and have nothing to say if confronted in person. I know way too many "brave behind a keyboard" cowards, and the world doesn't need any more.

Anonymous said...

jeez, the laugh track on this clip RUINS it