Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Transgender Contestant on Top Model

There have been several occasions at which i've loved Tyra for her decisions, but this one made me particularly happy: Pure Awesomeness.

ETA: Looks like Lindsay and I think very much alike :)


Christopher said...

I have no idea how a show about modelling became one of the most progressive shows on TV, but huzzah. I mean, am I wrong in thinking that by all rights this show should be one of the examples of everything wrong with America, yet it isn't?

Sarah J said...

awesome! I might have to watch it now just for this.

Amelia said...

This story makes me so happy. I think it's a great opportunity to maybe raise awareness of transpeople and their lives, since so many people watch ANTM.

Good for her. :)

phd in yogurtry said...

This I gotta see! "episode three, the show will suddenly and unexpected be hosted by Tyrone Sperm Banks."

I completely agree -- hooray for Tyra and her progressive (to hell with advertisers) thinking!