Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wesleyan Feminist Shot & Killed Yesterday

I received an email yesterday at work entitled, "Shooting on Broad Street- Read this message NOW." I didn't think much of it, because i work off-site in New Haven and not in Middletown where my company's building is located. The email read:

Important Notice

There was a shooting at the Red and Black Café today, located at the corner of Broad & Williams Streets. Midfield received incorrect information from the authorities. The shooter WAS NOT apprehended. The Corporate Center is now in "lock down". No one may enter the building but employees may leave the building.

A Wesleyan student was fatally shot at Red and Black Café this afternoon. . A gun was recovered at the scene of the shooting, however the suspect is still at large.

Today I learned that the victim was Johanna Justin-Jinich, a Wesleyan student who volunteered for Planned Parenthood and was an activist for women's issues and public health. "She was supposed to work in DC this summer for a women’s rights organization." The police are unsure whether the suspect, Stephen Morgan, targeted Johanna because she was Jewish or if it was personal. They had attended a program together at NYU and towards the end of it Johanna filed a harassment complaint with the Public Safety Department, saying she had been receiving harassing e-mails and phone calls from Stephen. She later decided not to pursue the case. Yesterday morning Stephen walked into the cafe where Johanna worked and shot her. She will be greatly missed. This is really a devastating loss. My heart goes out to her friends and family.

EDIT: Dave tells me they haven't yet caught the suspect :/ Anyone else know more about this??


phd in yogurtry said...

omg, I am just horrified. what a beautiful, bright and admirable young woman. her life ended so tragically. I want to ring some NRA supporters necks right now. my condolences to her loved ones.

Amelia said...

They've got him in custody.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder in a case where there was stalking, if the victim was aware and tried to get assistance of any kind. This is where the system fails (often) in preventing these things. Also, in terms of prevention, men who have such classist, racist, misogynistic leanings need help to sort these things out before such tragic things happen. This just makes me feel sick and I wonder how much more I can take sometimes before I go to Alaska and rent a cabin in the snow somewhere. said...

Hi there!

This is horrible news... I haven't read anything about this case on other blogs.

Thank you for staying on top of this!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!