Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Racially Charged Police Brutality?

An ambulance being driven by a black EMT "failed to yield" to two white police officers. Why does the skin color of the men involved matter? Because after you watch this video, you might agree that this "confrontation" (as the news gingerly calls it) may have been racially motivated.

The cop grabbed the EMT driver by the throat... how is that appropriate? The EMT driver calmly discusses that he is transporting a patient to the hospital... the trooper doesn't seem to care much about anything but punishing the EMT driver.

Here is the clip i saw this morning on the news:

In light of all the racially motivated police brutality recently, this one shouldn't go unmentioned.


Jay P. said...

This story is actually several weeks old and more information has come to light on it based on the cruiser's video, which showed an earlier argument that the home video did not show. Additionally the paramedic being assaulted was NOT the driver, but instead was providing patient care in the back of the rig. The driver was white in actuality. Agreed the trooper was very out of line with the choke hold, however the paramedic should never have gotten in their faces like that and after he began to resist the officer physically the officer was within every right to use more force to detain him. However, as a firefighter/EMT, my issue lays more with the fact that they were pulled over while transporting a patient. That was absolutey inappropriate and the troopers should have used better discretion in when to pull over the ambulance. Reportedly the trooper did not realize there was a patient in the back and he thought he had seen the WHITE driver give an obscene hand gesture and that infuriated him further, prompting his initial anger after pulling over the rig. In my opinion it is presumptions and incomplete facts that often fuel feelings of racial inequality, when in fact race may have had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Kandeezie said...


Kelli Anne Busey said...

I wrecked in Oklahoma so I got a court date up there in August. Not looking forward to that. They can have whats left over after Texas gets done with me this week. Phew.