Monday, December 10, 2007

Apparently men are only good for heavy lifting

Quick vent:

I needed to bring a computer up to the office this morning. I work in a substance abuse clinic so you know, one of those ancient (and pseudo-heavy) PCs... As I walk up the stairs with PC in hand one of the female counselors, while watching me struggle with the door offers these words, "why are you doing that yourself? Isn't this why we hire men in this place? Get one of the guys to help you." My calm, lighthearted response was, "I lift weights on a regular basis and can probably carry more than half the men here." To which she says, "But that's what men are for..."

I'm sorry... WHAT?!


Erhart said...

I hope you aren't the only one taking offense here...that's a slam on guys too. Obviously this woman expresses in those words that guys at your place of work are for their physical prowess rather than anything else.

Feminist Gal said...

Jeff, i TOTALLY agree. I was more offended about what she said towards men than the fact she thought a woman couldn't do it. I was pissed that she said men were only useful for their physical strenght... yuck.

Smirking Cat said...

Oh, and killing spiders...and moving couches...(sarcasm, of course).

I despise the notion that (a) I need a guy to lift anything heavier than a pencil for me, and (b) that men should perpetually be on standby to perform these tasks for helpless, frail women at all times. It insults both men and women, and it is incredible how many centuries this type of thinking continues to set humanity back each time it is uttered!

GottabeMe said...

Oh God, and she counsels people??? How frightening!