Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Fellow Highway Drivers,

Please clear the snow and ice off your roof before going on your merry way. Being pummeled by the sheet of ice at 70 miles per hour on I-95 is terrifying (and dangerous). I don't want to die because you're lazy.

Happy Holidays :)


lindsay said...

Word, Connecticut drivers are whack. Yesterday was crazy - my flight out of Hartford yesterday was supposed to leave at 9 and finally around 10:30 took off (after plowing the runway, then de-icing the plane, then plowing again... and then de-icing again). They closed the runway behind us. What a horrible day for traveling.

frau sally benz said...

I don't understand people who don't clean their cars. It's quite a work-out, sure, but still. Unless there's a serious emergency that forced you to leave unexpectedly, there's no reason to not clean your car people!

Sarah J said...

Happy Chanukah to you too!

Jeff Erhart said...

Police can actually charge people for not cleaning their cars.

Daisy said...

WOW! That is something!

Don't miss the snow at all, quite honestly. Nicest thing about moving to the south.

Smirking Cat said...

The people who clear out a 6 inch circle in front of the steering wheel and consider that adequate visibility for driving are scary too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Feministgal. I didn't know I needed to clean my car off before driving. Nor did I realize that leaving the snow on my car was dangerous or terrifying, thanks for enlightening me.

I'll be sure to clean off my car from here on in.

Happy New Year :)