Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Feel Good: Racism is Over!


And, since i missed my 1 year "blogiversary" back in November, i'll pretend it's today and link you to a post i wrote exactly one year ago. Last year today i took on a MRNer* - this was before i learned not to engage trolls :)

Because it's Friday, let's make this into a meme. As such, i'll challenge some fellow bloggers to answer this question:

What did you blog about last year at this time, and is it still relevant?

Sarah, Lindsay & Amelia, Renee, Have at it ladies!! :)

Happy Friday!!

*"Male Rights Network"


Kandee said...

Oh gosh, I wasn't even blogging a year ago. Or maybe I was. Everything is probably still relevant, but I've gotten to a point where I'm so exhausted from talking about the shyt that this world spews at me that I've been taking a break. But I'm here on your blog, and that's what matters.

Julia said...

Umm, I can't tell if the link you posted about Racism being over is a joke or not... it seemed genuinely upbeat, yet hopelessly optimistic.

Even though we have come so far in the battle against racism in our society, it is far from over. The biggest mistake we can make right now is to refer to this as the post-racist age, or we will loose sight of how much we have yet to change. Even though Obama was elected, there were still plenty of people who did NOT vote for him purely because of the color of his skin. Racism will not be gone until every person is judged based on their actions rather than how they look, and sadly, we are not there yet...

FeministGal said...

it was definitely a joke :) check out the new blog that i linked. I completely agree with everything you wrote - i was just being funny ;)

frau sally benz said...

Well this is definitely an easy one. Last year I wasn't blogging about a gosh darn thing. I was reading blogs though! Does that count? Mostly the major political blogs and Feministing.

I can't even imagine what it's like to blog for a year; I can barely handle thinking about it in day-to-day terms.