Thursday, November 29, 2007

Donating rice is as easy as 1, 2, click-a-roo

Thanks Jenna for this wonderful website that not only allows us to donate food but also to learn new vocab!
For every word that you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice to end world hunger. You learn new vocab while helping end poverty and hunger... very cool website and project.
Brought to us by WFPand


Anonymous said...

this is great galins!! I'm in training and reading your blog is definatly helping get me through it.


Anonymous said...

loooooove the site!! it's sooo addictive!


Christopher said...

While not as easy as words, another awesome way to help the developing world is micro loans are a wonderful thing.

Jenna said...

A) Thanks for the kudos on the website. I am thrilled that you passed it on.

B) I think an excellent question to cover is "What is a feminist?" Now, this is not my blog and of course it's content by no means should be dictated by me. However, after I watched the Ms. Pacman video I watched another - one that asked a whole bunch of females what feminism is and whether or not they are one. Most said they weren't. Odd, huh? I think clarifying what a feminist is and what one means to you would be fantastic. Ooo! I also noticed that not one of this eye-opening interviews was directed towards a man! And don't you think it's odd that something that's supposed to represent EQUALITY among sexes is called FEMEnism? With a female connatation? That doesn't seem fair, does it? You'd think they'd call it equalism or something...
Don't hate me- I like stirring the pot : )

Feminist Gal said...

Jenna, I totally agree that clafiying what a feminist is would be good content for my page. In fact, i'll do that today :) It's a good topic because there's no clear defined answer.

To address calling feminism "equalism" I'll send you over to a great blog dedicated to Feminism 101, mostly because it answers this question very similarly to how i would :)