Monday, November 19, 2007

Ms. Pac-Man, the Revolutionary :)

Awesomeness :)

Obviously i've discovered youtube. I have never understood the whole youtube craze but there is just so much delicious stuff on it!

I got to this video by watching a bunch of Ali G clips on feminism, hilarious stuff! I highly recommend it.

I swear, I'll have more serious stuff up soon, i'm just all about the youtube right now :)

Plus, i don't think anyone actually reads my blogs so i can put down whatever it is that amuses me :)

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Jeff said...

haha, great post. Don't be afraid to announce you are a YouTuber ( I think that is an official term now). What great about that site is there is something on it that appeals to everyone's interest and everything is created by its users (except for that copyright stuff, but I won't say anything), a true socialist design.