Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let the Internet decide!

Since i'm really struggling to make my decision of who to vote for in this upcoming election, i thought i'd let the Internet decide for me (just kidding, don't worry... but this was a fun quiz with interesting results)

87% Barack Obama
86% John Edwards
82% Hillary Clinton
82% Chris Dodd
80% Joe Biden
80% Bill Richardson
78% Mike Gravel
77% Dennis Kucinich
45% Rudy Giuliani
38% John McCain
33% Mitt Romney
29% Mike Huckabee
27% Tom Tancredo
23% Ron Paul
19% Fred Thompson

Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

See whose platform you match up with! Enjoy :)


Hillary said...

So this is completely unrelated to your post (sorry!) but I just wanted to say thanks for your comment re: my monster puppy :)
It gets better, right? Please tell me it gets better.
PS - So know what you mean about it being a great means of birth control. Seriously.

Sarah J said...

See, there you go. The quiz told you.

I always get Dennis Kucinich on those quizzes. Bless his heart.

Honestly, I wish I had more trouble deciding because then I'd be less disappointed if my candidate loses. As it is, I am 100% Obama. I read "Dreams from my Father" and was convinced that this is the person we need to repair our country's screwed-up image in the world. And while I would love to vote for the first woman president, Hillary Clinton's conduct of her campaign has completely soured me on her. There is simply no place for race-baiting and vote suppression in our democracy.

Smirking Cat said...

I got Dennis Kucinich too. But ultimately I'd like to toss them all out, shake the bottle again, and see what comes out with another try. I'm just not liking any of them all that much.

Sarah J said...

Here's a good reason NOT to vote for Clinton:

PhD in Yogurtry said...

I took this quiz awhile back, if its the same one, and Hillary came up as one of my top three. I think Richardson was my #1. But I'm voting for Hillary because I think she has the absolute best preparation and experience, on top of intelligence and drive. She was the confidante of a two-term president so she heard more than perhaps any other "advisor" would. She lived it for 8 plus years. She got to hear the suspicions, doubts, the true inside information. Plus, I want my daughters to see, not that a woman CAN be president, but that a woman IS president. And I'm very dubious of Obama's Chicago connections.