Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year's Goals...

Not resolutions, not resolutions!
(resolutions have no chance of sticking, at least i have a shot with "goals")

I realize i'm a bit late on this one seeing as it's mid-January but i wanted to jot a few things down in writing to hold myself accountable ;)

Goals for 2008:

  1. Be more patient. Towards my partner, towards our puppy, towards others, towards myself. This includes not jumping down people's throats when i disagree with them, having more patience with my clients (recovery is a disease of relapse and i have to understand that,) and being more patient with myself, allowing myself time to achieve my goals.

  2. Master the Bakasana (Crow Pose) and start working on the Vrischika-asana (Scorpion Pose)

  3. Relinquish control regarding grad school. It will happen. And when it does, it will be the right place and time for me. And i will do research that works for the community, marginalized groups, and activism. It will be awesome.

  4. Complete a triathlon. I chickened out on the swimming last year. I gotta get my butt in a bathing suit, in a pool, and start kicking...

  5. Reconnect with friends. Being an adult is not conducive to maintaining relationships... It was so much easier in college when friends were constantly around and relationships didn't take much work. This all changed post graduation, when everyone scattered about the U.S. Now it's time for me to step up and hold on to the people that mean the world to me. I need to let those close to me know how much i value their friendship and invest more time and energy in maintaining the amazing group of friends I've developed.

  6. More activism! Again, college makes it easy to protest, campaign, and generally be an activist. This year i hope to surround myself with others that are as passionate about social change as i am and start doing, not just talking.

  7. Let go. There are still a few grudges I need to let go of. My goal is to find the balance of forgiveness and let go - for me, not for those who hurt me.

  8. Paint more, and with brighter colors.

  9. Find more time for family. With the possibility of a 6 year ph.d. program around the corner, i need to take advantage of the next few months to spend with family, while I'm close to home.

  10. [insert #10 here] :)
What are some of your 2008 goals, and have you been successful so far?


mom said...

HOLY SMOKES. These are crazy ambitious. I'm a little scared, esp. by the athletic ones.


Feminist Gal said...

mom! where've you been? Are you guest blogging anywhere? i really miss your posts! Good luck with the book ;)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I'm completely with you on #6. Its my number one focus.

Oh and Good luck with the yoga pose....holy mother. ouch.

Erhart said...

Number one on your list is my number one priority. I can never be patient enough with anyone. I also agree with number five. I get caught up with my own life that I tend to stick to friends that are "more accessible" as horrible as that sounds. I guess I've just become lazy over time and I don't want that to be the case.

As for my own goals...

1. Finally quite talking and actually doing. I'm speaking of writing. I all ready started this by attending a short seminar in RI with Elaine Cunningham as the moderator. Hopefully I will gain the motivation and inspiration to start writing some good pieces of work.

2. It has been three years since I've been trying to land the career that I truly want. I hope to the ends of this earth that this will be the year.

3. Be more active with my life in regards to the activities I participate in. (i.e. bike more, more time with my fire dept, more supportive with Jenna's activities, etc.)

That's it for now. I am sure more will crop up as the years goes on.

Feminist Gal said...

Erhart, great (and lofty) goals for 2008. If you want to be more active, i am looking for a training partner for the triathlon - consider it, even if it's just for the biking part :)

Let me know where you decide to start writing again, i would love to read your stuff, the seminar sounds great!

Brandi said...

Great goals for 2008! Well, except for maybe that cow thing. That makes me hurt just looking at it! I think you're number 10 should be "Explore New Haven with Scott and Brandi in the Spring - tour Yale, shops, etc!"

My goals?

Read more - I read 13 books last year and that's pitiful. I've decided to read two books a month. I'm starting my second book this month so I think I'm on track!

Cook more - I've been stuck in a cooking rut so on Sundays we find new recipes and go for it!

Take a photo a day - I post them to my flickr account a couple of times a week. So far I've been really successful!

Stop being stubborn when it comes to family - I sent an email to my brother's girlfriend (I don't know how to get in touch with him other than through sad) and hope to extend an olive branch to stop the madness.