Tuesday, January 22, 2008

People searched WHAT and found me?!

Keyword analysis of Google searches that have recently landed people on my blog:

  • getting pregnant man on heroin
  • fingering and eating woman out
  • jimmy's racism sprinkles
  • fat woman fingering
  • traditional marriage of mike huckabee's dreams
  • jamie lynn spears and her puppy
  • heavy lifting woman's uterus
  • mrs. pacman women's rights
  • pregnant 12 year old teenager baby kicking
  • hillary cry onion
  • videos jenny jones marriage proposals
  • is it difficult to get pregnant on heroin?

I see...

Hopefully they got something useful out of their visit...

1 comment:

Smirking Cat said...

I've had bizarre search terms land people on my blog too. Amazing how many people search "really stupid gifts" online! (I had a post making fun of toy ironing boards.) But "heavy lifting women's uterus"? A new fitness trend, perhaps?