Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1930's Advertising

I got an email from my cousin today with several interesting ads from the 1930's. I thought ya'll would enjoy them as much as i did:

All the ads are excellent but the one above is my favorite! Want to stay thin? Do it with tape worms! They're "sanitized" and "easy to swallow!" Also, "No ill effects!" (Except the fact that you have a tape worm... riiiiiiight)

Here are some others :)

Above ad text reads:
Day after heartbreaking day i was held in an unyielding web... a web spun by my husband's indifference, i couldn't reach him any more! Was the fault mine? Well... thinking you know about feminine hygiene, yet trusting to now-and-then care, can make all the difference in married happiness, as my doctor pointed out. He said never to run such careless risks... prescribed "Lysol" brand disinfectant for douching-always.


Oh, the joy of finding Tom's love and close companionship once more! Believe me, I follow to the letter my doctor's advice on feminine hygiene... always use "Lysol" for douching. I wouldn't be satisfied now with salt, soda or other homemade solutions! Not with "Lysol," a proved germ-killer that cleanses so gently yet so thoroughly. It's easy to use, too, and economical. The very best part is - "Lysol" really works!


Smirking Cat said...

So, every woman needs a touch of Lysol and a handful of tapeworms! Hysterical.

Glennisha Morgan said...

wow. that ad is a trip!

Joylene Green said...

These are awesome!

They show how crazy we are with marketing products. I'm interested to see what we will think was crazy 70 years from now...

Amelia said...

Brilliant post. Just illustrates that absurdity in advertising is not new, and will probably (unfortunately) never go out of style.

Tape worms, though? Seriously?

~JennaBella~ said...

When I read 'Seabiscuit' I found that tapeworms were a consistent part of racing jockey's lives to stay small and underweight. It's pretty insane.
And seriously? LYSOL? In my VAGINA? And certainly not because it's better than salt or soda!!

phd in yogurtry said...

Lysol douche? For real? Ugh. Those poor women.

And that condoms ad is just too much. Who usually gives it to whom again? Argh. Only 70 short years ago.

phd in yogurtry said...

P.s. Where can I get me some tapeworms?

secondlastwish said...

this is so random but I recently read a NY Times article about successful research being conducted to use tapeworms as a potential cure for allergies!

Skinny and clear sinuses!