Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Feel Good: Lost and Found Puppies

A friend in college used to say that a whole section of my brain is devoted to dogs. She's probably right... that's why today's feel good story celebrates Rocco! Rocco is (was) a lost beagle that was found 5 years and 850 miles later! :)

Natalie Villacis (now 11) is in the picture with Rocco. "The family was shocked to get a call last week from a shelter in Hinesville, Ga., informing them that their long-lost pup had been found after half a decade. Thanks to a microchip implanted in the dog, an effective form of permanent identification, Natalie’s greatest hopes had been realized."

I'm also going to use this post to shamelessly promote Beans, our beagle/plott hound mix because i'm absolutely obsessed with his adorable muzzle and floppy ears :) The picture below is on our way to the dog park, his absolute favorite place in the world (well next to going swimming, of course).


Anonymous said...

remind me i wanted to tell you to read Curvature, I accidentally found it when I googled something about brazil and sex. also, please tell me you blogged about the pregnancy pact in MA with the high school girls!


Julia said...

When you look into the eyes of the beagle, what do you see? To me, it is not complete happiness over being long-lost and finally reunited, but rather a slight disappointment at being found. Maybe this beagle wasn't lost at all... 5 years seems like plenty of time for that little Rocco to have had great adventures! Not to say it isn't an amazing story; I'm sure little Natalie is totally pleased. Maybe we could celebrate a dog living his natural life of the freedom to wander and seek his own destiny!?!

Thankfully, when you look into the eyes of Beans, all you see is complete happiness and total contentment. Keep up the good work, mommy :)

Anonymous said...


Smirking Cat said...

Wonder where he was for 5 years? He does look sort of sad...or dazed!