Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blog Awards; Paying it Forward

In the month of February I received three blog awards, for which I am very grateful. I was awarded the "Blogging with a Purpose" and "Excellent Blog Award" by The Smirking Cat and the "Nice Matters Award" by Lindsay from Country Girl City Living.

Thank you so much for these, ladies, and I will pay it forward by bestowing these awards to a scattering of blogs i read regularly.

The Blogging with a Purpose Award goes to:

A Feminist Response to Pop Culture: Written by a grad student in Chicago, this feminist blog challenges our notions of what's acceptable in pop culture and holds the media accountable for the messages they send. Another reason I love this blog is because she is always examining her own beliefs and asking herself as well as the readers important questions to consider.

Hello Confrontation: Jenna is one of the few "blog friends" that I know in real life. From the day I met her, Jenna has been teaching, inspiring, and challenging me. In the first conversation we had she explained about the sustainable food movement and I have been eating sustainably ever since :) Jenna's blog is a laid back mixture of environmental issues, food, crafts, and personal goals. Jenna is also my new triathlon training buddy and now that I've written that up here, I can't back out ;)

Lots of Thinking: I've only started reading Kandee's blog recently but absolutely love all the topics she brings to light. Kandee is a mom living in Canada who blogs about race issues. She explores racism in the context of our current social and political climate. Kandee also addresses pop culture and examines discrimination from a feminist perspective.

Good As You: This gay and lesbian activism blog uses humor rather than anger and protest to disarm and educate others about the discrimination surrounding us everyday. They put it best by saying, "Our tone is light, but our message is firm: We will not sit back and be led to a society that favors discrimination over diversity."

What I Think: GottabeMe writes lots of wonderful posts about reproductive rights, women's access to birth control, and her right to be happily, and voluntarily, child-free. She also absolutely hates Huckabee and loves Colbert + Stuart which are all pluses in my book ;)

Smirking Cat: This fun, sarcastic, and witty blog uses a "cast of characters" to write about her own life as well as social issues. Smirking Cat often discusses the struggles and the importance in the relationships that exist between parents and their kids. I have yet to read something on her blog that i don't agree with and enjoy learning more about a variety of topics ranging from divorce, to feminism, to cyber-stalking.

The Excellent Blog Award goes to:

Everyone Needs Therapy: This social work blog is written by a Jewish professional counselor who discusses what she's learned from experiences and interactions with clients. Her examples are made up (never disclosing actual client/counselor sessions) but ring true and are beautifully written. Her posts are a great resource on anything mental health related, especially relationships, depression, seeking therapy, addiction, and the media. Check out therapydoc for a "dose of self help" as she says, or just some great resources and links on her site.

Country Girl City Living: Lindsay is a graduate student, a wonderful wife, a terrific sister-in-law, a teacher, a mommy-to-be, a really really good cook, and an excellent writer. Her food comes alive in the words she uses to express tastes, colors, and textures on her delicious food blog. She teaches us how to cook seasonally and shop locally for the best flavors. Oh and the pictures she puts up of her food creations will make you drool! :)

Crucial Minutiae: This blog is written by a group of friends who attempt to make sense of the world by putting together the pieces of everything that takes place around us. They look at culture and society as a large puzzle and the experiences we have pieces to that puzzle, waiting to be placed in their appropriate homes. These experiences are translated into beautiful posts. I must admit, I read Crucial Minutiae because of Courtney Martin (one of the authors) who I have a tremendous (totally platonic and envious) crush on. Courtney writes about gender, race, politics, and the media and has published a book, Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body.

Enjoy checking out some of these blogs and feel free to leave ones that you especially like in the comments section!


Casey Greene said...

Hey there -

Just found your blog thru a comment you posted on Feministing, and I wanted to respond to that, but didn't know if you'd find it there.

You talked about one of the RNs making cute little motherly comments to you that piss you the fuck off.

I just wanted to say that you don't have to take that shit.

I had a doctor who never listened to my concerns, and ignored the fact that I was doing my homework, and for some insane reason, I kept going to her for over a year. I saw another doctor for a minor emergency, and he was the kindest, most understanding doctor I'd ever met, and even after my panic subsided, I was kicking myself for not leaving that other doctor sooner.

So don't take that. Having a doctor you hate makes you less inclined to go, and someone you don't feel comfortable around can make mistakes because you don't want to tell them anything. And you don't want mistakes.

I'm going to be reading your blog more, so keep an eye out for more relevant comments, but your situation really struck a nerve in me, and I hope you end up doing what's right for yourself, even if the process of finding a new doc is hard and takes a few tries.

Good luck.

Casey Greene
narwhal85 @ gmail

therapydoc said...

It's really important to me that people understand that I don't use case material in the blog.

Thanks very much for the award.

But I do make up the examples! Otherwise it's like stealing someone else's story, more than breaching confidentiality.

To me, that's wrong on both counts.

therapydoc said...

thanks for clarifying that. you're the best!

Smirking Cat said...

Hey, thanks! I read your blog a lot too.

Kandee said...

I'm very new to blogging so thanks for the warm welcome to the blogosphere! Much appreciated!

Renee said...

I, too, read Crucial Minutiae for Courtney Martin. She's wonderful. If you ever get a chance to meet her, she's absolutely delightful in person.

countrygirlcityliving said...

OK, so first off, I'm a jerk for only just now finding this very thoughtful post. I'm flattered and honored to be your sister in law and love talking with you about your passions, even if that does mean the occasional teasing. I promise to try to post again soon but more importantly expect a very important phone call from me on Monday!!! Love you. Linds