Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good News/Bad News

There are lots of things i worry about when flying. Maybe the plane will crash? Maybe there will be bad turbulence? Maybe the food will give me a tummy ache? Maybe my sinus infection will cause my head to explode? (even) Maybe there's a terrorist on board?

But never, and i repeat NEVER, do i think "Maybe someone will gizz on my head while i'm sleeping?"

Next time i'll add this concern to my ever-growing list.

"Centava Dozier, 21, filed a $200,000 lawsuit against American Airlines, alleging that a passenger masturbated in the seat next to her and then ejaculated on her hair." Via Fox News.

The article says that when she asked for help from the flight attendants and asked that the man be taken back to his assigned seat, the staff did nothing. Really?! Not only would i think the staff would react but i'd also think other passengers would notice something this disturbing!! I mean, for all of us who have been on an airplane, we know how hard it is to be discreet about anything... let alone something like this! When you're on an airplane you pretty much know what's going on around you, simply because of such tight quarters. How can others have not seen this?

Or (even worse) did they see it and do nothing? Are we living in such a private culture that when we see something that isn't right (even something so utterly disgusting) we do nothing to intervene? I sure hope not. I'm going to continue believing that the other passengers just weren't paying attention because if i chose to believe they saw a man masturbating and ejaculating on a woman in an airplane and did nothing, i'm not sure how much faith i can continue to have for my fellow brothers and sisters...

The psychology nerd in me remembers the story of Kitty Genovese and values research since then done on the Bystander Effect. The humanist in me believes in the human condition and hopes to God that we are better than this...

Via the NYT, this is fantastic. If this isn't inspiration to be an activist for your entire life, i don't know what is!


Kandee said...

I just threw up!

Anonymous said...

But never, and i repeat NEVER, do i think "Maybe someone will gizz on my head while i'm sleeping?"

You crack me up! ;)

PhD in Yogurtry said...

usually fear keeps people from acting. fear and in this case, maybe the ever growing kink factor. who knows, the nearby (horrified) observer thinks, maybe they're together. maybe she LIKES it when he gizzes in her hair. maybe if I interrupt they'll have ME thrown off the plane? seriously though, what a story. I'll make sure I get a good night's sleep before my next flight.

Smirking Cat said...

I had read that story somewhere else and still have a million questions about it! When the staff allegedly did nothing, what was her reaction? What does the guy claim is his reason for what he did? I can't imagine myself reacting terribly calmly upon awakening and discovering someone doing this.

Ana Jurney said...

Hey. Great blog! I love it! Thanks for checking out my blog as well. Anyway, in answer to your question that you asked me...i am currently in the midwest...the environment here is much more open than the South (of course!) but there still leaves much more openness and compassion to be desired! Even in Boulder a gay woman was beat-up for her sexual orientation! In Boulder, for crying out loud!
Anyway...I am enjoying your blog! I admire your passion and humor.