Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dear John McCain, You Are NOT "My Friend"

Dear Senator John McCain,

First and foremost, you are NOT my friend. Addressing me as such 19 times* does not change the fact that you creep me out a great deal, i disagree with you on a core level, and if you are elected president i fear for your health mostly because Governor Palin is no where close to ready to lead our country. I also would like to give you some advice. When asked a debate question, please try to respond to said question rather than ramble on in an accusatory and condescending tone. Also, be a bit more careful with your "jokes." Mostly because they all came off as bitter and hostile. A joke that fell especially short was the one in which you laughed about needing hair transplants in relation to health coverage. This is not funny because while you may only have to worry about your balding scalp, others have actual, substantial, health concerns that they cannot afford to treat. Also, addressing Senator Obama as "that one" is incredibly patronizing, and may even come off as racist (which of course you are not, right? wink wink). I would also like to offer some math guidance: a "first" priority means that it is number one on the list so when you said, "I can tell you right now the security of your young men and women who are serving in the military are my first priority right after our nation's security" you were a bit mistaken because that would make it your second, not first, priority. Also, the correct grammar is "is my first priority" because you are referring to security and priority which are both singular nouns, not "are my first priority." Lastly, you excitedly stated, "I'll get Osama bin Laden, my friends. I'll get him. I know how to get him." What exactly did you mean by this? Because if you know where Osama bin Laden is and how to capture him it seems a bit unpresidential of you not to speak up sooner. I realize that "debating" and running a presidential campaign must challenging work and as such i would like to end on a positive note. I was very glad to see that you are able to pronounce "nuclear" correctly, unlike Bush or Palin.


wow, writing this made me feel significantly better... who knew? :)

*all direct quotes and "my friends" count via CNN transcript

ETA: Habladora signed on, anyone else in? Don't worry i won't accidentally send him this letter... or will i? hehehehe...


Habladora said...

Brilliant, Galina. I'd like to sign on to your letter.

phd in yogurtry said...

Was it only 19 times? It seemed like 1900. Y'know. Like as old as he seems.

aviva said...

The "my friends" was incredibly obnoxious. I couldn't help but wonder how anyone could have watched that debate and not found him unbearably condescending...

Sarah J said...


I love you.

That is all. :)

XIMENA said...

When I came home from work today I noticed that someone had written "Gob Bless McCain" on the street in big block letters. I was enraged! So thank you for your post! I found myself nodding in agreement the whole time!! Well said!

Gen-X Mom said...

I can't believe how similar this is to a letter I posted earlier today. It's at

Keep up the good work!

Alex Z. said...

Unpopular opinion time!

Obama didn't do much better. He dodged about as many questions as McCain. He just wasn't as unlikeable and patronizing about it. Oh well. I care about issues, not charisma. I don't mean to be a jerk, but you pointed out a lot of superficial things.

Here's my take (yeah, it's long).

Both candidates are blaming each other for the current economic crisis when, surprise surprise, the blame rests on both parties for various reasons. Either they're playing dumb, pandering, or they really don't know. It is certainly not simply because of deregulation, or simply because Fannie and Freddie were allowed to run rampant, or simply because of Bush. Both their records and reaction to this situation do not give me confidence that either one knows much about the current situation. However, Obama showed a little sense by saying that we need a revamped regulatory system as opposed to simply increasing regulations.

Let's look at the tax plans. Obama's planning to cut taxes for Americans making less than 200 grand, and raise them for those making over 250 grand. McCain wants to slash taxes across the board, and then wants us to spend spend spend, essentially promoting trickle down economics, which is laughable. I call bullshit. Overall, however, both plans will result in a small net cut overall. Since the government needs money, Obama's plan looks slightly better, but if you're making a lot of money, you're inclined to support McCain.

Now, budgets. Interestingly, McCain proposed two major budgetary decisions. One was buying up all the bad loans, and the other was freezing the budget. Definitely not something he's said before, and risky. Finally, he talked about eliminating earmarks and unnecessary programs. That's about as specific as he got. However, in contrast to Obama, he is not proposing much new spending. Obama is sticking to his general plan of proposing 800 billion or so in new spending on various things (health care, education, alternative energy). These are all great things to be spending on, and I hope he can. But why in the hell hasn't anyone pointed out that this plan is entirely, and I do mean entirely, contingent on the US pulling out of Iraq? There is no way any of his plans will come to fruition if he can't make that happen, especially considering the state of the economy right now. Not only that, but he made it clear later on in the debate that he's going to divert a significant portion of that money into Afghanistan no matter what. So I am extremely skeptical right now of Obama's plans. They are precarious, and it will be very hard to pull off. I would love it to work, but I just don't know. McCain's plan is much more realistic, but I like it even less. Obama has a better energy policy (though I think he should emphasize nuclear fuel more) and health care plan. In fact, I'm very happy that the Obama campaign has pretty much demolished McCain's health care plan argument. It's a shit plan and I'm pretty sure McCain knows it, but to go back on it now would kill him in the polls. However, Obama never mentioned what the penalties would be for not providing health care to children. That's important to know.

Another damning thing I noticed is that neither one of them has any idea how to take on Social Security or Medicare. Obama flat out dodged the question and went back into talking about taxes, and McCain just said he'd get smart people working on it. Both candidates gave absolutely pathetic answers, and this is a problem that has been looming for years. More evidence of their lack of economic knowledge.

Onto foreign policy. Obama said he'd sit down with Pakistan and if they didn't cooperate, send troops in. McCain gave his Roosevelt quote about speaking softly and carrying a big stick, saying we get the support of the people, but it seems to me he was advocating flexing our might to get them on our side, and if not, then what? Honestly, I think from previous things he has said, he would also send troops into Pakistan, he just didn't have the balls to say so, which is what led to his cryptic "I'll get him (Osama)" quote. Believe you me, both candidates are prepared to send troops into Pakistan, no question. This means more money spent, which is another strike against Obama particularly for reasons stated above.

As for the questions on Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, and Israel, both candidates gave unsatisfactory answers, just a whole lot of hot air. I'd argue that Obama gave slightly better answers, but oh boy do they both need to do some research.

Finally, when asked what they didn't know, Obama spouted tired rhetoric, and McCain basically said, the future and then spouted tired rhetoric. Whatever. It was the closing statements. Those never contain anything useful.

Long story short, holy hell what a bad debate. Once again, this election has come down to which candidate won't fuck us over worse. I honestly don't know who. I'd say Obama, but not by much, mainly because his promises are going to be a lot harder to keep. I know he's got great oratory skills and he inspires the people, but damn it, we need to look past that. I mean, if we can look past Palin's image and see how lacking she is, we can damn sure do the same for Obama.

Now if there's one thing that really puts Obama over the top, it's the fact that he's got Biden as a running mate. Biden is probably more qualified than any of the other three, in my opinion.

Anyway, feel free to disagree.

whatsername said...

OMG sign me up.

Christopher said...

I take it you weren't friends with an annoying rich kid during your childhood because they had awesome stuff you wanted to use.

John McCain has 150 million dollars. I want to be his friend and use his stuff. DON'T SPOIL THIS FOR THE REST OF US RATIONAL ACTORS!

Anonymous said...

I thought he sounded like Igor when he said, "my friends." Kind of wheezy, creepy, and a little like an evil sidekick. But of whom?