Thursday, October 30, 2008

Israelis For Obama

Some of my most intelligent relatives and friends are fearful of Obama because they believe he’s a "threat to Israel." I’ve explained policies, misconceptions, and scare tactics to them with no success. The video below is incredibly moving. Please share it with everybody you know and especially every Jewish person you have ever heard question Obama’s commitment to Israel.

I've written and joked about this in the past, but now it's time to get emotional to appeal to those of you i haven't yet...

I watched this video through tear-filled eyes. I saw courage in the faces of the Israeli citizens and heard hope in their voices. The Jewish people of Israel are ready for change just as much as we, Americans, are.

Let's get Obama elected.

(video via Crucial Minutiae)


phd in yogurtry said...

I am counting the hours, no .. the minutes. I am feeling so hopeful and so proud. I do believe this lunkhead nation of ours is going to do the right thing! GOBAMA!

Anonymous said...

Let me id myself. I'm very socially liberal, feminist, and, if it makes any difference (which it does only because progressive policy may someday directly effect my "family")... but that video creeped me out. The music, the repeating of his name over and over, the lack of mentioning any cold, hard facts about the man... just weird. I'm voting for him, but seeing things like this... I'd rather read about what he's actually done than emotional appeals. Voting on emotion scares the hell out of me, that's something the religious right seems to love doing.

FeministGal said...

Hi Anonymous, welcome to my blog! :) I mostly do agree with you. I always discourage people from voting based on "feelings" but rather learning what they can and making informed decisions. I put up with Obama video because i have explained, pleaded, and reasoned with my conservative jewish friends and family over the past few months with no luck. I have explained policy to them, Obama's mentors, Obama's commitment to Israel, but nothing, none of it worked. They still hold core beliefs about Obama based strictly (in my opinion) on FEAR. Because fear is an emotion (and a very dangerous one at that) i thought i would appeal to their emotional sides with this vid.

Hope that helps clarify things :)

Kandee said...

What is the 'fear' based on? I still haven't been told (via news, websites, etc.) what it's based on. Is it because he's half black or because he's been positioned as a muslim? Is it the history of blacks and jews in America, or muslims and jews internationally. If you could clarify, maybe I could better understand. What do your family members say?