Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Street Harassment Survey

Cross posted here by request, Please Take the Street Harassment Survey!

One of the problems with street harassment is that it has been so rarely researched and written about. I recently had brunch with Holly Kearl, who is currently writing a book about street harassment. Rock on girl.

Help her out by completing this quick online survey about street harassment:

The more folks who take it, the more accurate it is, the more that changes in the world. Hollaback survey-style!

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Smirking Cat said...

Hi FeministGal, I wrote a post today that made me think of you (since I discussed women's roles) and was wondering if you'd give me your slant on it.

I remember a Paula Poundstone stand-up routine about male drivers who yell things to women as they're driving. She sarcastically mimed racing after the car, begging him to come back and make her his bride, since he was so damn irresistable, tossing his comments from a passing car window. It was of course much funnier with her saying it! I used to shake my head at what lemmings men in a car are, yelling stupid stuff just because their buddy did. "Fit in by acting like a jackass!"