Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congratulations CT Newly Weds ;)

May your lives together be filled with love, happiness, and health :)

NEW HAVEN — Bunches of white balloons and giant sprays of long-stemmed red roses festooned City Hall here Wednesday morning, as one of the eight couples who successfully sued the state to allow same-sex marriage became the first to obtain a marriage license as the law took effect.

“Today, Connecticut sends a message of hope and promise to lesbian and gay people throughout the country who want to be treated as equal citizens by their government,” said Ben Klein, a lawyer with Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, a Boston group that litigated the Connecticut case. “It is living proof that marriage equality is moving forward in this country.”


phd in yogurtry said...

Congratulations to the CT newlyweds!

phd in yogurtry said...

oh crap, I think I just commented the very title of your post! ooops and haha. time for bed!

FeministGal said...

hehehe - i think i've done that before as well lol!

Habladora said...

Its nice to have a bit of good news! Congrats!