Monday, November 3, 2008

Limited Time Offer: Rape Kits on Sale!

Thanks to reader, Bobbi, for sending me this video with the following message:

"Made me angry, made me laugh...made me ready to vote on Tuesday"

Bobbi, i couldn't agree with you more! Video below shows the ridiculousness of Palin's legislation in Wasilla that required rape survivors to pay for their own rape kits, costing $1,200:


phd in yogurtry said...

Now wait a sec, let's give Palin credit for her tax saving ideas AND plan for reducing her state's statistics on reported rape -- all in the same law! ; }

Seriously, great video!! A real eye opener. I wonder if there are other states which require victims to pay for their own kits.

Jay P. said...

That was an absurd and slightly creepy video. But seriously I feel like these are more facts getting distorted for the sake of drumming up support and trying to change people's minds. First look at the sources used here, most definitely not academic. Having to surf backwards through blogs as resources just doesn't cut it for me. Then when I finally find the article that supposedly this assertion about Palin is being made from, and no where is Palin's name even mentioned!!! Yes she may have been the mayor at the time, but we don't know based on that article if the police had begun charging after she took lead of the town, or if it had always been that way. All we see as a quote from any official in her town is a bit from the police chief who is not in favor of the new law to ban charging the victims (which is a disgusting statement to say the least). You get the impression from his quote however that things had been done that way for some time in Wasilla, so how does Palin get wrapped up in that? Mayors and presidents don't just make up laws and put them into effect, the representatives under them do. So really let's lay off Palin and the stretched truths for just a little bit, because there is certainly plenty of sketchy sounding half truths that can be said for the Democratic ticket as well. Damn I hate election time, I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait for it to be over. It's too bad we must endure it every year before we can get to the happiness that comes with Thanksgiving and the holiday season!

Renee said...

This video puts a face to all those women that were charged for rape kits and I hope people remember this when they go to the polls.