Thursday, November 20, 2008

Donald Duck v. Chuck Norris

Floridians (is that a real term?) strongly preferred Hilary Clinton as president (234 votes) over Jesus (23 votes). Also, Donald Duck beat out Chuck Norris (3 votes to 2), which i highly doubt is accurate b/c Chuck Norris can pretty much kick anyone's ass ;)

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Habladora said...

Well, Donald's outfit is sexier - he's in uniform AND without pants. As tight as Chuck's britches might be, I just don't see how he can compete with that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone can beat Chuck Norris. When the boogeyman goes to sleep he looks under the bed for Chuck Norris.

-Brandi (who just recently became obsessed with

Anonymous said...

Under Chuck's beard there is no chin. Only another fist.
(And btw, yep, Floridian is an actual term for residents of Florida. I was one!)
-Sabertooth Screaming Lemur

Jay P. said...

Come on really? Chuck Norris was beat by Donald?? That almost makes me ashamed to be a Floridian! (Yes we do call ourselves that!)

Anonymous said...

Why would we want Chuck Norris as president? He supported Huckabee.

I'd much rather have Donald as president.