Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama IS NOT Muslim

Ok i get it, when people are afraid they don't hear logic. It's difficult to be rational, however intelligent you may be, when you are at your core scared over something you are passionate about. I am sure i've been there. I am sure i've been my fair share of stubborn and irrational when faced with something that i felt threatened my core beliefs. I may think i'm progressive and open-minded but when i feel my beliefs, and my rights, are endangered, i find it just as hard as anyone else to stay calm, think through information reasonably, and move forward with logic. This is why i don't take the matter of Obama and Israel lightly. I realize it's caused a few rifts within my family, i realize a lot of my Jewish friends think i am crazy for avidly supporting Obama, and i realize there are people out there that have and will continue to accuse me of being anti-Israel by being pro-Obama... but this is exactly why i won't let it go. I need to say more about the issue, because 2 days before the election it's of utmost importance that everyone realizes Obama is not, and never has been, "a threat to Israel."

I read yesterday that though the Jewish vote has been predictably democratic in past elections, this year it was looking grim. I am confident that the Obama's supposed religious affiliation and his race are at the root of those statistics. But here is the ironic thing: OBAMA IS NOT MUSLIM.

Before i go on, i do have to say that i REALIZE even if Obama WAS Muslim, his religion shouldn't matter... but because i know it DOES matter to some Jews who aren't voting for him because of it, i am stuck here, having to ridiculously justify his Christianity when i know by doing so i am being just as discriminatory as they are. ("They" are those who are not voting for him on the basis of religion.)

Frankly, it is just as wrong to not elect Obama on the basis of his religion as it is to not elect him on the basis of his skin color. Voting for or against a candidate because of their religion is ludicrous. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? What ever happened to electing candidates based on their platform, not based on who they pray to? Obama's platform is very much PRO-ISRAEL. But because i realize Obama's presumed Muslim affiliation is an incredibly important point for Jews, i won't debate the fact that it SHOULDN'T matter anymore. Because it shouldn't, but it does. I won't appeal to people's sense of logic any more by explaining that to not elect a qualified presidential candidate on the basis of his religion is just as discriminatory as to hate Jews for being Jewish... I won't be rational anymore, because it doesn't seem to work. Instead i'll go on the defensive for a second and explain that Obama is not Muslim.

Here's the other thing... does it ever make you feel like like people want to hate Obama because he's black but can't because it's not socially acceptable? So instead they accuse him of being Muslim, because right now, being Islamaphobic is not only tolerated, but perpetuated.

So, let me for a second, pretend Obama's religion DOES matter, i'll reiterate: OBAMA IS NOT MUSLIM and to not vote for him because of an erroneous belief that he is, well, is stupid and naive.

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(can you tell i'm a bit frustrated with all this?)


Anonymous said...

I think you are absolutely right about people accusing Obama of being a Muslim to avoid saying anything outright about race - I've been hearing people say they're afraid of Obama because they think he's un-American, a "risky" choice, wasn't born in the US (um, Hawaii), or that he's a Muslim - and I truly believe that these are all just code words for "I don't like him because he's black." It is so freaking frustrating and offensive.

phd in yogurtry said...

Muslim is the newm patriotic colorism. Yes, I think its quite possible that people can safely say they're wary of Obama due to Muslim suspicions when it's really all about his skin color. I also think when it comes to winning the presidency, the repugs will stop at nothing.

odick benedict_528 said...

altough obama muslim or not is no problem it's up to our destiny belived,all the religion have to teach obbey each others and hit violents, depend on hearts of human beeing each others. if american obey native peole in their country they have to obbey indian people tobe native people in america,think abouth it in your deep hearts as real human beeing not just too much talk but proof's time to change situation like obama's talk Iam agree with that,black skin in america never have opputinity for grow up,muslim teach obbey each others alltugh different skin,different food,different language,different economic situation.

Ol Cranky said...

when it comes to using muslim as a pejorative against Obama to a Jew, it's not code word for black, it's a code word for arab = antisemite (the irony of arabs being called antisemitic not withstanding). I've been fighting this battle with the over 60s in my family who have been targeted by the Republicans as prime suckers for the fear based vote. For the most part, my generation has had good luck at getting our parents/grandparents to realize this is baseless pandering and fear-mongering. We've also had good luck pointing out that, as Jews, we face a much greater risk of loss of rights under a McCain-Palin administration fueled by the religious right.

I guess we've been pretty successful with the older generations who now (for the most part) realize that use of Muslim as a derogatory term is the same thing as using the word Jew that way.

Jay P. said...

Not being a Jew perhaps it is hard or even impossible for me to understand and perhaps appreciate the Israel topic, however that does not mean I cannot still have an opinion regarding it. Before I tackle Israel let me say I am thoroughly confused by the comment above mine that stated the rights of Jews in this country are at risk of a loss of rights under McCain. Is it really the belief of Jews that your right to practice your beliefs in this country will be compromised??? Or is that simply a misguided statement by one individual? That type of belief sounds to me to be ignorance of an understanding of the foundation this country is based on. People can say what they want, but realistically any attempts to remove the rights of any religous group in this country would never fly, especially a group as large as the Jewish faith. There has been too much fighting for rights by various groups in the last 150 years, even the last 50 years to start regressing now. On to Israel, I find it to be almost hippocritical that so many are against what is occuring in Iraq, but some of those same folks would then vote against a man also opposed to the war simply because they are under the impression that he is anti-Israel, or at the least not pro-Israel. From my understanding what it means to be pro-Israel is not just recognition as the state belonging to the Jews, that's not enough, no instead those that want a politician in support of Israel also apparently want billions of dollars sent that way. So back to my comparison of Iraq and Israel. Why are we against the Iraq war? Our lost soldiers, MOST DEFINITELY! But also because of the expense incurred. However then some of those against spending that money in Iraq want some $30 billion to be spent in Israel, how does that make sense? Why should our nation fund another with money and militay supplies? Why is Israel unable to take care of itself? I'm not only opposed to sending Israel so much money, but I'm opposed to sending ANY nation that much money. We have enough of our own economic problems at this point that it would do us a lot of good to cease incurring more debt by exporting our money and supplies. $30 billion may not sound like much next to the $700 billion that seems to be thrown out there so much lately, but imagine what we could do with that $30 billion, all the homeless that could be fed, the medical care that could be provided, etc. And onto the topic of the post, people need to get over the Obama being a Muslim bit. Open a newspaper already, or do some research, how can people being so ridiculous. And if he were Muslim, so what???

Anonymous said...

The sad fact of life is that people do perish because of a lack of knowledge. A lady named Brigette Gabriel is a Lebanese American Christian who was tormented and almost killed by MUSLIMS simply because she was not MUSLIM. Obama's exposure to Islam allows him to be deceitful if it promotes the cause of Islam. This is more than religion. It is an affront to any democracy. Brigette Gabriel bravely risks her life to try to keep America from falling to militant Islam the way Lebanon did. We just don't know what life until Islamic oppression is like

Anonymous said...

I guess you did not post my comments because it was about Islamic oppression of Christians. Well, when they are ruling, the Muslims say there are NO homosexuals in their countries. They do not tolerate them. So go ahead and be liberal and see if you are free when under Islamic rule.

FeministGal said...

Um... i DID publish your comment... if for no other reason than to show that Islamaphobia is alive and well. Also to show that ignorance breads fear, and fear is really dangerous.