Monday, May 12, 2008

The Amazon Woman Award

Last Monday morning i dealt with some work drama surrounding the water cooler... today, the saga continues...

One of the female counselors went to get water and the cooler was empty, the jug needed to be changed. She walked around, unsuccessfully looking for a male counselor, all of whom were busy. She used the overhead to page for "male assistance" to the lobby... (really?!)

I watched all this go down and thought it, annoying, hilarious, and a great depiction of sexism in the workplace. Not because i think she should have changed it herself, but because she paged for male assistance! Maybe she had a bad back, maybe she couldn't lift that much weight, whatever, not the point. In one way or another she wasn't able to do it, which is FINE. What isn't fine is that she asked for male assistance because obviously only men can lift water jugs...

Now the (even more) annoying part. I finally felt bad enough to help her out ("male assistance" was nowhere to be seen) and offered to help. She said, "no that's ok, i'll ask the doc." OK... i was intrigued... She asked the doctor for his help and the doc said that he had a bad back. So i walked to the kitchen, got a new water jug, and replaced the old one. Took me all of 30 seconds. The counselor and the doc stood there, starring at me in wonder until finally the doc says, "You should get the Amazon Woman Award."

Holy sexism Batman.

P.S. If someone would like to send me an Amazon Woman Award, i will gladly give you my address ;)


Smirking Cat said...

Sexist women are unbearable to me. Just seems like they should know better than men, even though more often than not, they don't seem to. Guess you should have simpered about, batting your eyelashes, until Prince Charming strode in on his white horse and saved your day by lifting the f*cking water jug already.

phd in yogurtry said...

In general men do have stronger upper body strength, but it is in bad taste to summons a man .. and it is in worse taste to ignore a woman who is willing & able.

How heavy IS that water bottle? Is it one of those typical, clear bottles that sit upside down? 25 gallons? Word to wise, I used to have a strong back until I lifted too many crates of gallon-size milk jugs. I've spent the rest of my life battling "bad back" ... so ... do take care.

Amelia said...

I'll send you an Amazon Woman Award. :)

And yeah, I understand that men typically have more upper body strength (I know mine is all in my legs), but what!? Amazon? What?

Ugh. How did that even come out of his mouth?

Sorry about that.
But I admire your strength. =D

Kandee said...

What the...?!?!?! For goodness sakes. Where do you work? Who are these people? What planet are they from? In 2008, it's still shocking to see a female lift up a water bottle? Really?

Ana Jurney said...

you go girl! way to show those ignorant folks what's up. :)