Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Feel Good

In celebration of my 100th post (yeay!!!) I am starting a new weekly column: Friday Feel Good. There's lots of bad stuff going on that we read/write about daily, sometimes it's important to focus on the good stuff...

Courtesy of Trailer Park Feminist, today's Friday Feel Good is the new Macy's ad, advertising wedding rings and same sex couples!!! :)

Text reads:

"And now it's a milestone every couple in California can celebrate.
Let Macy's Wedding Gift & Registry help you start your new life together.
With hundreds of great brands to register for, we'll make sure
you're happy with your choices every step of the way."

Yes, marriage is still an incredibly patriarchal institution but now we can all equally share in it, at least in California (and a few other states)...



cyn said...

This ad makes me so, so happy.
Maybe same-sex marriages will also change the concept of marriage as a patriarchal way of slavery and sexual dependency that so many feminists and people in general loathe. Maybe people will realise it's all about love and not about gender and power sometimes. Maybe, when society sees no difference between two husbands and two wives, they eventually won't see a difference between a husband and a wife either. It will be very positive for everyone, gay or straight. No more looking at you in a strange way because you don't have your husband's surname and because he doesn't "own" you. They may realise, in every situation, that it's all about love and not about ownage.

FeministGal said...

Thanks, Cyn, I couldn't agree more :)

La Pobre Habladora said...

Hey, what do you know... something positive in an advertisement. Maybe belittling 'the others' isn't the only way to sell something...

Tip of the hat, Macy's.

phd in yogurtry said...

WTG, Macy's! I hope this trend continues - advertisers catering to gays & lesbians.

Black Thirteen said...

How is marriage about "slavery"? In my opinion, if you want to marry for love, that's great, just don't expect it to last. Emotions change and fade and people change. Marriage for equal benefit has a much stronger chance of lasting.

The surname thing is largely because a family having one surname is important for genealogy and any children involved. If everyone has a different last name, where's the identifier?

One for dad, one for mom, and different ones for the kids? I'm just saying, my name means something to me because it's able to. If I was just graced with some made-up conglomeration of letters, my ability to trace my family would end with my parents.

That blathering segue aside, I approve of this ad.